5В020700 Translation studies

Academic degreeBachelor


Duration of study4 years (8 semesters)

Language: English

Location: Almaty, Kaskelen / Smart campus


Description of specialty

Translation is a social and cultural practice as much as it is a textual and inter-semiotic operation of mutual transfer. Most knowledge circulating throughout the world today, whether at the individual or institutional level, would simply not exist without translations. It is therefore of crucial importance to reflect on the variety of ways in which this circulation of knowledge takes place, and on the obstacles as well as facilitators of that circulation, whether the relevant constraints are linguistic, textual, intermodal, or cultural. This is exactly what we do and what we train our students to do in the program.


Strengths of education in SDU

  • Two options

Students choose one of two options in their specialization, either working with English and Russian or English and Kazakh languages.

  • Internship during the program

They also have the opportunity of completing an internship during the program, drawing on the department’s close ties to the translation industry in Almaty.

  • Deep understanding

Using a multidisciplinary lens, they also develop a deep understanding of the function and meaning of translation in the context of globalization and cultural diversity. It is important to note that our students benefit from a supportive learning environment, thanks to small class sizes and faculty members committed to individualized mentoring.


Career and job prospects

Graduates will be engaged in written and oral translation. They can work as translator consultants, escort interpreters, and translation editors. Our alumni are employed by translation agencies, scientific institutions, and international companies.


Tuition fee: Translation studies

Condition of admission: Certificate of UNT, selective subjects are English and History.

Admission details


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