5B011700 Kazakh language and literature

Academic degree: bachelor

Mode: full-time

Duration of study: 4 years (8 semesters)

Language: Kazakh

Location: Almaty, Kaskelen / Smart campus


Description of the specialty

The four-year bachelor programme of Kazakh Language and Literature provides undergraduates with an integrated study of the Kazakh language, literature and culture as well as with basic knowledge of the methodology of teaching Kazakh. The students develop their professional skills in the area of language teaching while they improve themselves in a variety of areas through elective courses offered by the programme. Thus, it trains students for various language related professions involving the use of Kazakh, including the teaching of Kazakh in school. Students are introduced to the pedagogical and psychological theories of teaching the language. The programme also overviews contemporary methods and techniques of teaching as well as testing and planning, analysis and discussion of the results and lesson planning, innovative approaches and new technologies.


Strengths of education in SDU         

Students of the faculty usually gain a broad spectrum of theoretical knowledge as folklore and dialectology during the class hours and continue having their practical knowledge at language laboratories under the pedagogical supervision. This process helps students to scaffold the theoretical basis by the hands on experience thus developing their professional skills and competences.

Although the admissions requirements for the prospective students is not stringent, students creative abilities are seriously taken into consideration.


Main disciplines

  • Kazakh language phonetics;
  • Lexicology of modern Kazakh language and phraseology;
  • The Kazakh language, word formation, the morphology of the Kazakh language;
  • The Kazakh language syntax;
  • Introduction to Linguistics;
  • General Linguistics;
  • Literary Introduction theory of literature;
  • Folklore;
  • Ancient literature;
  • Khan era literature;
  • Literature of the twentieth century;
  • The early twentieth century literature;
  • Kazakh literature Kazakh dialectology;
  • Cognitive linguistics.


Career and job prospects

Kazakh language and literature graduates have the employment prospects at schools, high schools, colleges, high schools Kazakh language and literature teacher, they may also become a research assistants in the higher education and research institutions, work in local administrations literary, cultural, and educational services in the field of mass in the press editor, journalist and publisher of publishing, literary consultant, creative, can play a leading professional services.


Tuition fee: Kazakh language and literature

Condition of admission: Certificate of UNT, selective subjects are Kazakh language and literature and History.

Admission details


Coordinator:      Nurzhanova Aisulu               

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