SDU Logo

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The color of the logo is the main color of Kazakhstan flag, the inscription is the main color of Turkey's flag. The logo of Suleyman Demirel University consists of books. The books in the logo in different sizes and positions represent science and its varieties. All the characters in the logo is designed with soft lines and compatible to each other. This refers to the harmony of differences.


logopart1.jpg The circle in the center represents the individual. The idividual is the seed of modern societies.


 logopart2.jpg Shanyrak, the roof of Kazakh nomadic house, represents the family and culture of living together. It highlights the importance of family support.



logopart3.jpg The vertical line in the letter "U" represents development, rising and prosperity. This character keeps filling with books which are the storages of different sciences, that became the mission of our university.




logopart4.jpg The little piece that situated on the left of the letter "U" refers to the very small ones that significant and meaningful.