Development Strategy



SDU Infrastructure development plan from 1996 to 2016 (2020)

SDU is a private educational institution with an internationally recognized program. The main goals of the university are to provide high-quality educational services, bachelor's, master's, doctoral and further training programs. Teaching staff carries out research in various fields of knowledge. The University provides a wide range of additional educational and social services. The university's programs are oriented to the modern needs of society, and are adapted to the rapidly changing social, political and economic situation in the country.

The University's activities are aimed at developing and implementing educational, research and scientific programs in such a way as to provide students with all the necessary skills, both for professional growth and for personal development. Respect for the intellectual potential and dignity of the student as a person is of paramount importance.





The University was opened in 1996. The area of the primary building was 3000 m2, the first reception was only 9 students.


In 1998, the pace of development of the University gradually began to increase. The number of students increased to 500 and there was a need to build an additional training unit and laboratories.


In 2001, the University acquired the first building for a dormitory for 250 places.


In 2005-2006, the third building of the dormitory was put into operation. Also during this period, the technical base of the university grew. But due to the lack of additional territory, the expansion of the area was carried out at a slight pace.


The International Public Foundation "Bilim Orda" is the founder of the Suleyman Demirel University. The Foundation, relying on the experience of foreign education, (in particular, taking into account the experience of a number of universities in America and Turkey), decided to move the university building outside the city. In 2007, during the opening of the International School "NurOrda", which is a private non-profit school created under the auspices of the International Public Foundation "Bilim Orda", the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev presented plans for the future campus of the University. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved the construction of a campus outside the city.


Development of the project began in 2008. The campus project was planned on the territory of 14 hectares, the area of ​​enclosed premises was 140,000 m2. The campus is designed for 7,000 students. The campus is expected to have 80,000 m2 of educational facilities, 1 conference room, library, 120 classrooms, 16 amphitheaters (lecture halls), laboratories, cafeterias, shops, hairdresser, atelier, dining room, sports hall, health center, entertainment centers. There is also an administrative block-rectorate of 3000 m2, a women's and men's dormitory for 2000 seats with an area of ​​20,000 m2, an outdoor sports hall, a kindergarten (for the children of the university staff) and a service apartment with a total area of ​​18,000 m2 for the university staff. The completion of the construction of the campus is expected by 2018 with the expectation of an increase in the number of students.


RedHall.JPG Library.JPG Oval.JPG Dormitory.JPG


The choice of a place for the construction of the campus of the university was dictated by a special purpose: Kaskelen located near Almaty, one of the largest megalopolis of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has a good infrastructure. Also Karasay district is the birthplace of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

When planning the construction of a campus outside the city, we focused most of our attention on ensuring that our students could be provided with everything necessary for education and for living outside the metropolis.


Construction began in 2009. The end of the first stage of construction is 2011.

At the moment, the first stage of the project is completed: these are educational blocks of 40,000 m2, which include 60 classrooms, 8 amphitheaters, dining rooms, a library, laboratories and cafeterias. Construction of a sports hall and a 1000-seat male and female dormitory has also been completed. In dormitories there are fitness centers, a cinema, game salons, billiards, table tennis courts. Our goal is to create better conditions for a full life of students in dorms. The construction of the campus is fully sponsored by the "Bilim Orda" foundation.


At the moment, the university has more than 3,000 students and more than 300 academic and administrative staff.


Smart Campus

To implement the management and automation of this project, SDU has developed the "Smart Campus" program. This project is designed to provide the following spectrum of services:

  • Optimization of management;
  • Reduction of costs and costs;
  • Increase of working capacity and satisfaction of work of the personnel;
  • Integration approach to the maximum development of the potential of students.

The key point in this project is that all the developments will be made by students and teachers of the university. Based on this approach, all the needs of the educational environment, personnel and students in our university will be taken into account.


The software of the project will provide the following range of services:

  • Information base of students;
  • Information base of personnel;
  • Information base of graduates;
  • The "smart class" system and online training;
  • Notification base for parents;
  • Planning of social and cultural programs;
  • Management of the access system;
  • Security system;
  • Cooling system;
  • The system of notification and informatization.





  • Moving to a new campus. Adaptation period;
  • Development of PhD preparation programs;
  • New licenses: 4 bachelor's degrees, 2 master's degrees, 1 doctoral studies;
  • Increase in the closed area from 8000 m2 to 40,000 m2;
  • Increase the number of students to 1500.



  • Opening of new faculties and obtaining new licenses;
  • Introduction of new educational programs for magistracy;
  • Development of automated software;
  • Stabilizing the budget;
  • Increase the number of students to 1750.



  • Development of the dormitory infrastructure;
  • Expansion of social, cultural and sports industry;
  • Developing the opportunities for living academic staff;
  • Opening of the Medical Faculty;
  • Raising the status of the university in international rankings (top 5000);
  • Increase in the closed area from 40 000 m2 to 60 000 m2;
  • Increase the number of students to 2500.



  • Completion of the campus project;
  • Expanding the research base;
  • Issue and indexation in international scientific journals;
  • Increase the number of students to 5000;
  • Raising the status of a university in the Republic of Kazakhstan at the level of a highly qualified university;
  • Increase in the closed area from 60,000 m2 to 100,000 m2.